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 Rediscover Bathing


Bathology comprises bathers, designers, and craftsmen who specialize in all trade disciplines. Our master artisans have perfected their craft by creating thousands of America’s most exceptional bathing spaces. This tremendous knowledge, combined with a drive to create the ultimate bathing experience, culminates in Bathology — complete bathing environments that are without compromise.

Bathology embodies the essence of bathing, combining features steeped in thousands of years of tradition with the most modern innovations. Every environment integrates a customizable array of sensorial effects, transforming an everyday event into a relaxing and luxurious retreat. Each component is chosen to work harmoniously with the others— the result is a transcendent bathing experience that excites all the senses.


We approach environment construction with the finest components, meticulous craftsmanship, and an exacting attention to detail. Our combined decades of expertise in all trade facets allows us to engineer and specify environments to perfection with impeccable installation.


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