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About Bathology

Bathology creates comprehensive luxury bathing environments that go beyond just steam and sauna to excite multiple senses and deliver a transcendent bathing experience.

The technicians at Bathology have decades of experience and possess a complete understanding of the science behind multi-sensory bathing systems – a science we refer to as Experiential Bathing.

Experiential Bathing Environments

Bathology experiential bathing environments are meticulously engineered to produce intense sensations that will soothe, stimulate, relax, and rejuvenate. Each room is designed to enable bathers to tailor the atmosphere – the blending of heat, color, aroma, sound, and water — to create a totally restorative bathing session.


Our environments integrate multiple sensorial elements with the proven therapeutic effects of steam and sauna. Savor a truly luxurious experience each day and celebrate the path to wellness through bathing.

Rediscover Bathing

Our team understands the inherent importance of experiential bathing and it’s ingrained in our DNA at Bathology. By combining time-tested methods and artisanal workmanship with the highest-quality components and materials, we have redefined luxury bathing.


Experience perfection in bathing with Bathology. Contact a Bathology Specialist today to learn more.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the process of creating your dream bathing environment as seamless and enjoyable as possible. We have honed our process from custom-crafting experiential bathing spaces in thousands of luxury homes, clubs, and resorts across the nation.


With a meticulous attention to style and detail, our Bathology team will tailor your space to your unique vision and expectations. From the initial consultation and design to material selection and construction, we will support your project needs at every level.

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