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Bathology Experience 320

Club Steam Room Environment

With features eclipsing the world’s most luxurious bathing spaces, the ADA-compliant Experience 320 is a club steam room without compromise. Each element within the room, while prized individually, works harmoniously with the others to create a steam bathing session that is truly unequalled.


Comforting Waves of Steam

Stress and tension melt away as waves of thick, luxurious steam emanate from two contemporary linear steam heads to pamper the bather.

As steam fills the environment, bathers bask in a moment of relaxation and serenity. Penetrating waves of heat soothe tired muscles and relieve everyday aches and pains.

Customizable Colored Lighting

An array of awe-inspiring colors works synergistically with the steam to create a vibrant and spectacular phenomenon that your member bathers will eagerly anticipate.

Twenty-seven flush-mounted LED lights comprise independently controlled zones creating any desired combination of hues for dramatic visual effect.

Experiential Rain Sprays

Actuated by the push of a button, cascading ceiling sprays create soothing rains that caress and delight bathers. Experiential rain systems are the epitome of luxury bathing innovations adding an additional layer of luxury to the bathing experience.

Advanced Safety

ADA-Compliant grab bars are secured against the walls of the environment for optimal support and comfort.

Aromatherapy System

A state-of-the-art aroma system gently infuses the aroma of pure essential oils into the steam to delight the senses of member bathers. Whether you desire a calming or invigorating scent, an assortment of user-selectable essential oils ensures the perfect fragrance for your bath.

Digital Audio

High-performance speakers reproduce music faithfully with dynamic range and dynamic range to delight your member bathers. Bathology speakers are engineered to perform flawlessly in intense steam room conditions.

Ergonomic Seating

Relax in the ideally proportioned seating areas which ensure bather comfort and create an inviting appearance befitting the steam bath environment.

Attractive Commercial Steam Room Door

A modern steam room door invites your member bathers into the space immediately. Providing beauty, strength, and tempered for safety, the durable glass door is both elegant and substantial.

Protection from Vapor

State-of-the-art materials and techniques, engineered to guarantee that water vapor does not escape the steam shower enclsoure, protect the facility from the adverse effects of moisture.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Commercial Steam Room Generator

  • Steam Control

  • Linear Steam Head

  • Customizable Steam & Shower Sprays

  • Hand Shower Spray

  • Designer Soaking Tub

  • Contemporary Tub Fill

  • LED Colored Lighting

  • Aromatherapy System

  • Digital Sound System

  • Benching

  • Grab Bar

  • In-Shower Ventilation System

  • Frameless Glass Steam Shower Door & Panels

  • Water Filtration System

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