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Bathology Experience 330

Club Steam Room Environment

The ADA-Compliant Experience 330 is a luxury club steam room environment without peer. Complete with every sensory enhancement imaginable, the Experience 330 creates a truly therapeutic and cathartic bathing experience.


Relaxing Waves of Steam

Steam bathing is a personal journey to solace and wellbeing. Members can rejuvenate as voluptuous waves of steam flow evenly from two contemporary linear steam heads. Thick luxurious steam fills the environment and pampers bathers, creating a moment of complete relaxation.

Rainshower System

A truly amazing feature, bathers can bask in the sensation of experiential rains. Actuated with a push of a button, the ceiling-mounted rainshower fixture pampers the bather with cascading water. Experiential rains provide the perfect contrast to a steam bathing session.

Chromatherapy Colored Lighting

Contemporary colored lighting takes the steam bathing experience to a new level, working in tandem with the other atmospheric effects. An array of infinitely-adjustable LED lights immerses your member bathers with spectacular hues of most any color imaginable to create a visually striking spectacle.

Starlight System

An array of meticulously-placed fiberoptic LED lights creates an enchanting display of glimmering stars upon the center pillar of the environment, providing a dramatic centerpiece to the steam shower.

Aroma System

The therapeutic use of fragrances to affect mood dates back over two millennia. A state-of-the-art aroma system seamlessly infuses aromas within the steam to delight the senses of member bathers.

Pure essential aroma oils impart an invigorating scent and a sense of cleanliness and purity to each bather. 

Designed for Comfort

The Experience 330 features beautifully curved ergonomically designed benching, ideal for relaxing in the high-moisture room conditions. Its wrap-around design with compound radius curves creates an inviting communal space for members to unwind after a strenuous workout.

Digital Audio

Music has the unique ability to transform the atmosphere and mood of a room. Digital audio is reproduced faithfully by reference-quality speakers, delivering exceptional clarity and dynamic range.

Bathology Experience 330 speakers are engineered specifically for use in the intense thermal conditions of a steam bath environment.

Advanced Safety

The ADA-compliant Bathology Experience 330 combines luxury with safety to ensure a pleasant experience for your member bathers. ADA-approved grab bars are secured against the walls, engineered for optimal support and comfort.

Tempered Glass Door

The ADA-compliant framed glass door showcases the environment immediately, providing both beauty and functionality. The door is made with the thick, tempered 1/4” glass and is complemented by an elegant and substantial stainless-steel door pull that spans the height of the door.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • ADA-Compliant

  • Commercial Steam Room Generator with Control

  • Two Linear Steam Heads

  • Rainshower System

  • Color Bathing System

  • Multi-Speaker Sound System

  • Ergonomically Designed Benching

  • Aroma System

  • Framed Commercial Steam Shower Door

  • Safety Grab Bars

  • Water Conditioning System

  • Vaporsafe Construction Materials

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