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Bathology Experience 415

Home Steam Shower Environment

With design elements and features surpassing the world’s most luxurious bathing spaces, the Experience 415 is a home steam shower environment without peer. This multi-sensory environment provides a spectacular steam bathing experience that you will anticipate daily.


Comforting Waves of Steam

The healthful and relaxing effects of steam bathing have been cherished for more than two millennia. Everyday aches and pains dissolve as waves of steam are evenly dispersed throughout the environment from a linear steam head. Dense steam blankets the bather, relaxing tension and soothing sore muscles.


Ingenuity, craftsmanship, and water orchestration converge seamlessly to create a truly captivating AquaTexture experience. Luxuriate in tranquil rains and mists emanating from throughout the bathing environment.

Temperature and volume-controlled sprays from the ceiling and walls work in tandem to further enhance the cathartic effects of the bathing session. A wall-mounted shower head rains from above to create a truly indulgent experience.

Customizable Chromotherapy Colored Lighting

Instantly customize the mood of your steam bathing experience with an array of vibrant colors. Four independently controlled zones of colored lighting can be adjusted at the touch of a fingertip to create any desired effect.

Aromatherapy System

The power of fragrances to affect mood and well-being is undeniable. A state-of-the-art aroma bathing system seamlessly infuses fragrances directly into the steam to enhance the soothing effects of your bathing experience. Tailor your steam session with an assortment of pure essential oils.

Digital Audio

Music is the perfect complement to your steam session. Bluetooth-enabled speakers within the Experience 421 not only reproduces digital audio with exceptional clarity, it is specifically engineered to withstand the demands of extreme heat and moisture.

Ergonomic Seating

Finely crafted benching, designed to provide maximum comfort, creates a stylistic highlight of the Experience 415. Its elegant appearance accentuates the beauty of the environment creating a more inviting space. Ergonomic benches are sculpted to maximize your comfort.

Frameless Glass Door & Panels

A sleek and elegant glass door that includes a built-in transom for ventilation welcomes the bather into the environment.

Providing beauty, strength, and tempered for safety, the thick, tinted glass door is both beautiful and substantial. The precision-cut integrated transom within the door pivots to provide ventilation for maximum comfort.

State-of-the-art Ventilation System

Nearly silent and powerful, the ventilation system within the Experience 415 is specifically engineered to operate within a wet environment.

In addition to removing excessive heat and vapor from the bathing space, a ventilation system may also be used in tandem with the steam bath to regulate the atmosphere and level of visible fog.

Heated Fog-Free Mirror

A heated fog-free mirror fits flush with surface tile, complementing the environment. Its efficient, low-voltage element warms in just minutes and provides precision clarity within a steam room environment enabling the bather to shave or remove cosmetics conveniently during a bathing session.

Protection from Vapor

Bathology employs materials and techniques engineered to ensure that water vapor does not escape the bathing area, protecting the home from the adverse effects of moisture.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Residential Steam Room Generator

  • Steam Control

  • Multi-Fixture Shower System

  • Wall & Shower Sprays

  • Colored Lighting System

  • Aromatherapy System

  • Digital Sound System

  • Ergonomic Benching

  • Frameless Glass Door & Panels

  • Ventilation System

  • Heated Fog-Free Mirror & Niches

  • Water Filtration System

  • VaporProof Materials

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