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Bathology Experience 442

Home Steam Shower Environment

Designed for bathers who insist on the most exceptional features, amenities, and technological innovations, the Experience 442 is the epitome of luxury home bathing. This steam shower environment seamlessly integrates a host of sensorial effects that will transform your daily routine forever. 


Comforting Waves of Steam

Bathers have relished in the cathartic effects of steam bathing for centuries. Stress and tension melt away as waves of thick, luxurious steam arise from two contemporary linear steam heads to caress and pamper the bather. Steam encompasses the room to evoke a sense of tranquility.

Experiential Shower Sprays

Cascading, stimulating mists and calming, purifying rains pamper the bather. An assortment of wall and ceiling-mounted shower heads make each steam session an anticipated event.

These fixtures have unique patterns to create a variety of sensations, from light rains to a single, powerful wave of water. Bathers can personalize the volume and temperature of the mist to create a moment of pure indulgence.

Customizable Colored Lighting

An infinite array of different colors, from calming shades of blue to invigorating hues of red, create the bather’s desired ambiance. LED lights configurated in four independently controlled zones accentuate the architectural elegance of the steam bath environment.

Starlight System

Dozens of small lights illuminate the ceiling to create an even more transcendent space. The array of meticulously-placed fiber optic lights create an ephemeral beauty like that of natural starlight.

Digital Audio & Video

Select the perfect soundtrack and visuals to compliment your bathing experience. The Experience 442 features reference-quality speakers and a video monitor engineered to withstand intense heat and moisture.

The Bluetooth-enabled sound system faithfully reproduces audio, providing exceptional clarity and dynamic range.

Aroma Bathing System

A variety of distinct scents are available to further tailor your bathing experience. An advanced aroma bathing system infuses fragrance directly into the flow of steam to enhance the calming effects of the bathing experience.

Designed for Comfort and Support

The environment includes a spacious, tiled bench with space up to three bathers to enjoy comfortably.

Three ceiling-mounted shower sprays are mounted above the bench to further enhance the experience. A reliable, ergonomically designed grab bar provides support when entering and exiting the bench.

Hand Shower

The dual-function rain shower may be mounted conventionally or handheld for enhanced versatility. The shower spray rests upon an ergonomically designed grab bar, engineered for optimal support and safety.

Contemporary Tub Fill

Bathers will delight as an uninterrupted tube of water flows from the ceiling-mounted tub fill into the bath. This fixture optimizes water flow and creates a spectacular and uncommon effect, adding animation to the environment.

Tempered Frameless Glass Door

A sleek and elegant glass door showcases the beauty of the environment. The highest quality 3/8” tempered glass is complemented by a handsome and ergonomically-correct custom door-pull.

Vaporproof Structure

Bathology employs materials and techniques engineered to ensure that water vapor does not escape the bathing space, protecting your home from the effects of moisture.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Residential Steam Room Generator

  • Wireless Steam Control

  • Linear Steam Head

  • Soaking Tub

  • Customizable Shower Sprays

  • Tub Fill

  • Colored Lighting System

  • Ergonomic Seating & Shower Niche

  • Aroma Bathing System

  • Hand Shower

  • Grab Bar

  • Frameless Glass Door & Panels

  • Ventilation System

  • Water Filtration System

  • Vaporproof Materials

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