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Bathology Experience 443

Home Steam Shower Environment

The Experience 443 home steam shower offers a stunning combination of features with the latest technology that will transform your daily bath into a multi-sensorial experience. Each element of the room is engineered to create an uncompromisingly luxurious and therapeutic experience.


A Harmonious Steam Bathing Experience

For centuries, bathers have combined sensory elements to create a more satisfying bathing sensation. Thick waves of heat and steam emanate from a linear steam head to dissolve everyday aches and pains.

As steam rises throughout the environment, the bather basks in a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Each steam session soothes and rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.

Designer Soaking Tub

The perfect complement following a steam session, the designer soaking tub allows the bather to submerge into refreshing cool water, creating a contrasting sensation that must be experienced.

Vivid colors of LED lighting within the tub can be infinitely adjusted to create any desired mood or ambiance.

Customizable Body Sprays

An assortment of wall and ceiling mounted shower fixtures provide the ability to further tailor the bathing experience. Three ceiling sprays, each with its own unique design and texture, emulate natural mists and rains.

The volume and temperature of each spray can be customized, whether you desire light drizzles, ethereal mists, or cascading rainfalls.

Hand Shower Spray

Enjoy the ultimate versatility with a portable hand shower spray. The hand spray may be mounted on a fixed grab bar for a conventional, hands-free shower experience.

Linear Steam Head

Stress and tension melt away as waves of thick, voluptuous steam emanate from the contemporary linear steam head to blanket the bather. 

Contemporary Tub Fill

Bathers will delight as an uninterrupted tube of water flows from the ceiling-mounted tub fill into the bath. This fixture optimizes water flow and creates a spectacular and uncommon effect, adding animation to the environment.

Vivid Colored LED Lighting

Four independently controlled zones of LED chromotherapy colored lighting provide the ability to tailor each bathing session. An array of awe-inspiring colors works in tandem with the steam to create a vibrant and spectacular sensation.

Aromatherapy System

An advanced aroma system seamlessly infuses the aroma of pure essential oils into the steam to soothe and comfort the bather. Whether you desire a calming or invigorating scent, an assortment of user-selectable essential oils ensures the perfect fragrance for your bath.

Digital Audio

Select the perfect soundtrack to accompany your steam session. The Experience 443 features reference-quality speakers engineered to withstand the intense heat and humidity within the steam room while faithfully reproducing your favorite music.

Durable Benching

A handsome and durable full-width bench allows the bather to relax in comfort while providing a beautiful transitional space between the steam shower and soaking tub.

Advanced Safety

Designed to maximize the safety and accessibility within your steam room, a sturdy, ergonomically designed grab bar is secured to the front wall for optimal bather support.

In-Shower Ventilation System

Powerful and silent, an advanced ventilation system is engineered specifically to operate in a wet environment.

In addition to removing excessive heat and vapor from the bathing space, a ventilation system may also be used in tandem with the steam shower to regulate the atmosphere and level of visible fog.

Frameless Glass Door

A substantial, 3/8” tempered glass door creates an elegant and inviting entrance to the bathing space, providing beauty, safety, and functionality. A precision-cut transom is integrated within the door and pivots to provide ventilation for maximum comfort.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Residential Steam Room Generator

  • Steam Control

  • Linear Steam Head

  • Customizable Steam & Shower Sprays

  • Hand Shower Spray

  • Designer Soaking Tub

  • Contemporary Tub Fill

  • LED Colored Lighting

  • Aromatherapy System

  • Digital Sound System

  • Durable Benching

  • Grab Bar

  • In-Shower Ventilation System

  • Frameless Glass Door & Panels

  • Water Filtration System

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