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Bathology Experience 451

Home Sauna Room Environment

The Experience 451 home sauna blends the restorative effects of sauna with an array of spectacular effects. This comprehensive sauna environment transports the bather on a daily journey to wellness, peace of mind, and revitalization. Every sensation within the room can be customized to create the perfect bathing experience.


Penetrating, Cathartic Heat

Waves of intense heat radiate from a programmable sauna heater to permeate sore muscles and relieve everyday stress and tension.

Its sophisticated, user-friendly digital control puts you in complete control over the room’s atmosphere. The control module enables you select the temperature, duration, and includes a delayed start option that pre-heats the sauna at a selected time.

Wood Hand-Selected for Function & Beauty

Each wood component of the Experience 451 is hand-selected to best suit its purpose.

Benches, floor, and raised structures are crafted from high-quality Western Red Cedar, revered for its beauty and superior thermal characteristics to maximize bather comfort. Contrasting chocolate-colored accents on the backrests, headrests, and lower benching are fashioned from thermally treated Alder for a dramatic and stylish appearance.

Walls and ceiling are constructed with durable and attractive Canadian Hemlock for incredible beauty, strength, and ease of maintenance. Bathology selects only the highest-grade, blemish-free wood, free of visible knots and imperfections.

Elevated Seating

To take full advantage of the thermal characteristics of the environment, Bathology sauna benching is elevated on a platform to raise the bather’s seating position closer to the center of the room, ensuring a hotter, more uniform temperature and a more satisfying bathing session. 

Stone Accent Wall

Both functional and beautiful, the floor-to-ceiling stone accent wall provides a dramatic contrast that augments the organic aesthetics of the sauna wood.

Chromotherapy Colored Lighting

Soothing, invigorating, or inspiring, color is an essential component in experiential bathing. With an infinite selection of vibrant colors, the Experience 451’s chromotherapy lighting work harmoniously with other elements of the environment.

The Beauty of Natural Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt has long been prized for its purity and is believed to possess many healthful properties Naturally iridescent slabs create a myriad of muted tones from within the salt, illuminating the environment with a diffuse glow.

Minerals within the salt form strikingly beautiful natural hues of rose, white, amber, pink and red, further enhancing the therapeutic effects of your sauna.

Digital Audio

As an integral part of the sensory experience, the Experience 451 allows you to select any desired soundtrack to accompany your bathing session.

Your favorite music is streamed through an advanced audio system and reproduced with breathtaking clarity. Full-range state-of-the-art speakers specifically selected for the extreme conditions within a sauna provide an exceptional audio experience.

Frameless Glass Wall

A state-of-the-art frameless glass wall and doorway forms an elegant and imposing gateway into your environment. The full-width glass wall creates the sensation of greater spaciousness and a more luxurious appearance. Sturdy, high-quality hardware ensures a lifetime of silent and reliable operation.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Two-Tone Sauna with Chocolate Accents

  • Electric sauna Heater System with Control

  • Platform Layout

  • Stone Accent Wall

  • Himalayan Salt Lighting

  • LED Colored Lighting System

  • Four Sauna Speakers & Audio System

  • Frameless Glass Door

  • Glass Panels

  • Two-Tone Sauna Ottoman

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer

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