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Bathology Experience 453

Home Sauna Room Environment

The Experience 453 home sauna environment provides unparalleled quality and an array of customizable features. Reflecting the latest in bathing innovation, this room is a sanctuary for personal wellness and relaxation. This complete environment is designed to fit conveniently in any home. 


Cleansing Heat

Penetrating waves of heat envelop the bather, relieving stress, soothing aching muscles, and expelling toxins, while creating a thoroughly cathartic experience.

Chromotherapy Colored Lighting

Unwind at the end of the day in vivid hues of your favorite colors. From soothing shades of blue to invigorating red, the Experience 453 allows you to tailor your bathing session with an infinite variety of colors to evoke any desired emotion.

Digital Audio

Whether relaxing, invigorating, uplifting, or meditative, your favorite music is streamed through an advanced audio system and reproduced with breathtaking clarity. Full-range state-of-the-art Kevlar speakers specifically selected for the extreme conditions within a sauna provide an exceptional audio experience.

Finely Crafted Cedar Wood

The Experience 453 luxury sauna is crafted of the highest-quality, blemish-free wood. Richly colored cedar is stunning while providing ideal thermal characteristics. All wood components are precision-cut resulting in an impeccable fit and finish.

Starlight System

A constellation created by fiber optic lighting illuminates the ceiling to create an even more transcendent space. An array of meticulously-placed fiber optic lights suggests the ethereal beauty of natural starlight.

Designed for Beauty & Comfort

Ergonomically designed seating provides the most pleasurable and comfortable sauna experience. Custom lounges are meticulously crafted of contrasting chocolate-colored and amber tones which are engineered for exceptional bather comfort.

Elevated Seating

The bather reclines on seating that rests atop a platform to make optimal use of thermal conditions within the room. Elevated seating ensures a hotter, more pleasurable sauna session.

Frameless Glass Door & Panels

Substantial tempered glass walls elegantly enclose the bathing space allowing natural light to enter the room creating a more airy, spacious ambience. A precision-cut integrated transom within the entrance door pivots to provide ventilation.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Two-Tone Sauna Room with Chocolate Accents

  • Electric Sauna Heater System & Control

  • Platform Layout

  • Colored Lighting System

  • Starlight System

  • Ergonomically Designed Custom Lounges

  • Multi-Speaker Sound System

  • Elevated Seating

  • Frameless Glass Door & Transom

  • Glass Panels

  • Two-Tone Sauna Ottoman

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer

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