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Bathology Experience 470

Home Infrared Sauna Room Environment

The Experience 470 sauna showcases a stunning combination of sensorial effects and the latest technology. Unmatched in design, innovation, and versatility, this luxury sauna environment will transform your daily routine forever.


Select Traditional or Infrared Sauna Heat

Choose the deep, penetrating heat of far-infrared panels to relieve pain and sooth aching muscles or bask in cathartic waves of intense heat emanating from the volcanic stones of the traditional sauna heater. Two very different experiences are available to you at any time to satisfy a much broader range of personal preferences.

Hand-Selected Wood

Bathology hand-selects only the highest-quality wood components to construct the Experience 470.

The interior of the environment, including the benches, floor, and raised structures, is meticulously crafted of the finest-quality, blemish free Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is revered for its beauty and superior thermal characteristics to maximize bather comfort.

Backrests, headrests, and lower benching are fashioned from thermally treated Alder for a dramatic and striking appearance. Walls and ceiling are constructed with Canadian Hemlock for optimal beauty, quality, and durability.

Elevated Seating

To take full advantage of the thermal characteristics of the environment, the benching is elevated on a platform to raise the bather’s seating position to eighteen inches, positioning the bather closer to the center of the room and ensuring a hotter, more uniform temperature and a more satisfying bathing session.

Stone Accent Wall

Both functional and beautiful, the floor-to-ceiling stone accent wall provides a dramatic contrast that augments the organic aesthetics of the sauna wood. In addition to its natural beauty, the stone surface prevents scorching and discoloration of the wood adjacent to the sauna heater.

Four-Zone Chromotherapy Color Bathing

Tailor the ambiance and mood of your sauna session with an array of vibrant colors. Instantly customizable at the touch of a fingertip, four zones of LED colored lighting can be customized to create a wide range of sensations.

The iPod-style control allows the bather to sweep through the color spectrum instantly, adjusting four distinct color zones within the room.

Himalayan Salt Lighting

Two sixty-inch Himalayan Salt light fixtures provide a contemporary style, complementing the rest of the sauna room beautifully. A variety of muted tones within the salt are illuminated throughout the environment for a beautiful iridescent glow.

Minerals within the salt form natural hues of rose, white, amber, pink and red, further magnifying the soothing effects of each sauna session.

Dedicated LED Pure White Zone Lighting

Pure white light emanating from the six flush-fitting LED fixtures illuminates the environment perfectly, accentuating the architectural beauty of the room.

Impervious to the adverse effects of moisture and corrosion, these lights may be used in combination with the colored lighting, or independently, depending on the desired effect.

Digital Audio

The power of music to affect mood is undeniable. Bathology speakers reproduce sound faithfully with dynamic range and exceptional clarity, allowing you to select any desired soundtrack to accompany your bathing session. Distortion-free audio replicates the most nuanced musical passages, immersing the bather in sound and elevating each sauna session.

Full-range speakers, specifically engineered for the intense thermal conditions within a sauna, provide an exceptional audio experience.

High-Definition Video

An environment-safe twenty-two inch television monitor allows you to stream your favorite shows or movies within the comfort of your home sauna.

An HDTV LED screen presents visuals in 1080p resolution through a fog-free surface. Sound is seamlessly channeled in stereo through the room’s state-of-the-art audio system.

Frameless Glass Door with Integral Transom

Providing beauty, strength, and tempered for safety, the thick glass door is both elegant and substantial. A precision-cut integrated transom within the door pivots to provide ventilation and ensure maximum bather comfort.

The impressive vertical twenty-four-inch handle on the interior of the room is crafted of wood so that it remains comfortable to the touch and compliments the natural wood elements within the room.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Two-Tone Sauna Room with Chocolate Accents

  • Electric Sauna Heater System with Control

  • Platform Flooring & Elevated Seating 

  • Stone Accent Wall

  • Chromotherapy Color Lighting System

  • Two Himalayan Salt Light Fixtures

  • White Lighting System

  • Starlight Lighting System

  • Smart TV with Four Speakers

  • Frameless Glass Door with Integral Transom

  • Two-Tone Sauna Ottoman

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer

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