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Bathology Experience 590

Steam Room & Sauna Environment

Decades of design experience from Bathology artisans has resulted in a truly unparalleled luxury environment— the Bathology Experience 590. This side-by-side steam room and sauna delivers a bathing experience with unmatched versatility and without compromise.


Relaxing Waves of Steam

Waves of thick, luxurious steam arises from two contemporary linear steam heads enveloping the bather and imparting a sense of serenity. Physical aches, pains, and stress melt away in the rich vapor and soothing heat.

Experiential Rain Shower System

A host of unique sprays in the steam room creates a truly amazing bathing sensation. Each of the three overhead shower sprays has its own distinct water texture. Bathers can control the volume and temperature of each spray, whether they desire a calming mist, light drizzle, cascading stream, or any combination.

Two Showers

Dual shower heads pamper the bather with multi-dimensional rains. Each shower head is independently controlled for greater versatility and maximum enjoyment.

Infinitely Adjustable Colored Lighting

Transform the ambiance of either room with an array of awe-inspiring colors. Instantly customizable at the touch of a fingertip, four zones of advanced LED colored chromotherapy lighting enhance the architectural beauty of both rooms.

Intense, Penetrating Heat

The Experience 453 showcases the latest in sauna heater technology. Penetrating heat envelops the bather, relieving stress, soothing aching muscles, and expelling toxins, while creating a thoroughly cathartic experience.

Immersion Tub

One of the essential components when bathing with sauna or steam is an immersion tub. A bracing plunge into cool water is the grand finale to a sensational bathing session. A contemporary bath tub provides a linear elegance to complete the room composition. An array of vivid underwater LED lights can be adjusted to evoke any desired mood.

Contemporary Tub Fill

Bathers will delight as an uninterrupted tube of water flows from the ceiling-mounted tub fill into the bath. This creates a spectacular and uncommon effect, adding animation to the steam room.

Digital Sound System

Enjoy your favorite song while in the comfort of both rooms. Bathology speakers reproduce reference-quality, high-frequency digital audio with exceptional clarity.

Two separate speaker systems ensure optimal performance for each bathing space. Heat-resistant speakers are mounted within the benching of the sauna room while waterproof in-shower speakers are positioned in the ceiling of the steam room.

Ergonomic Seating

Relax within your sauna with finely crafted, ergonomic benching. Contrasting chocolate backrests and headrests deliver the ultimate comfort, style, and support. Dual-tiered benches allows bathers to select seating for optimal thermal conditions.

Himalayan Salt Lighting

Renowned for centuries for its beauty and curative effects, Himalayan salt lighting is a unique compliment to your sauna. The natural iridescent rose and ecru tones of the salt are illuminated by shifting hues of LED lights to softly accentuate the home sauna space.


Bathology’s aroma system will create an added sensory dimension to your steam bath experience. User selectable aromas fill the room to invigorate or relax the senses according to your preference of essential aromatherapy oil.

Frameless Glass Door & Panels

A modern and elegant glass door and matching side panels invite you into the bathing space. A precision-cut integrated transom within the door pivots to provide ventilation and ensure maximum bather comfort. 

Drench Bucket

Ancient Romans, Aztecs, Asians and Europeans all relished the effect of a bracing drench of water after bathing with heat. A drench bucket is conveniently located beneath the steam room bench and may be filled to the temperature and volume of a bather’s choosing to recreate a timeless bathing ritual.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Two-Tone Sauna Room with Chocolate Accents

  • Electric Sauna Heater System with Control

  • Residential Steam Generator with Control

  • Two Linear Steam Heads

  • Two off the wall Showerheads

  • Chromotherapy Color Lighting System

  • Himalayan Salt Lighting

  • Frameless Glass Door & Glass Panels

  • Sauna and Steam Room Speakers

  • Digital Audio System

  • Soaking Tub with Lighting & Seat

  • Contemporary Tub Fill

  • Rain Shower Bathing System

  • Aroma Bathing System

  • Drench Bucket

  • Water Filtration System

  • Steam Room Ventilation System

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer

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