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Bathology Experience 720

Spa Steam Room Environment

Decades of experience from Bathology experts and artisans have led to the height of luxury spa bathing, the ADA-compliant Experience 720 steam room. This multi-sensory environment will exceed the expectations of your member bathers by creating a daily journey to wellness, peace, of mind, and revitalization.


Cascading Mists

Bathers can restore balance to mind, body, and spirit with a variety of descending mists. Three shower sprays are mounted on the ceiling, each with its own unique design and water texture.

The volume and temperature of the mists are personalized by the bather, whether they desire comforting mists, experiential rains, or powerful waves.

Soothing Waves of Steam

Steam bathing is a place for personal discovery, solace, and reflection. Members can relax within your spa’s steam room as comforting waves of steam are evenly dispersed from a linear steam head. Dense steam envelops the bather, relaxing tension and soothing sore muscles.

Designed for Safety

The ADA-compliant Bathology Experience 720 steam shower combines luxury with exceptional safety for your spa’s bathers to enjoy. Grab bars align the walls of the room for continual support.

Chromotherapy Colored Lighting

Elevate your spa with Bathology’s finest contemporary lights. State-of-the-art colored lights immerse the bather into most any color imaginable. Vivid chromotherapy lighting allows the bather to match their mood or state of mind.

Enhancing with Aromas

The therapeutic effects of aroma have been used for centuries to reduce stress and provide a more pleasant bathing experience. The Bathology Experience 720 allows the bather to bask in the aroma from a selectable array of essential oils.

Frameless Glass Door

A modern and simplistic glass door that includes a built-in transom for ventilation invites the bather into the bathing space.

Providing beauty, strength, and tempered for safety, the thick glass door is both elegant and substantial. The precision-cut transom within the door pivots to provide ventilation for maximum bather comfort.

Hand Shower

The hand-held rain shower mounts to a grab handle beside the bather for added convenience and versatility.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • ADA-Compliant

  • Commercial Steam Room Generator with Control

  • Linear Steam Head

  • Shower Spray System

  • Ceiling Spray System

  • Color Bathing System

  • Aroma System

  • Frameless Commercial Steam Shower Door

  • Safety Grab Bars

  • ADA-Compliant Folding Seat

  • Water Conditioning System

  • Vaporsafe Construction Materials

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