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Bathology Experience 730

Spa Infrared Sauna Room Environment

The ADA-compliant Experience 730 infrared sauna environment features the latest in infrared technology and innovation. Each component of the room is selected to create an uncompromisingly luxurious and gratifying experience for your member bathers.


Infrared Heat

Waves of deep, penetrating heat emanate from the infrared panels to alleviate stress and soothe sore muscles. Advanced infrared technology allows the bather to easily regulate the intensity of the heat to maximize their comfort and heighten the therapeutic effects of their bathing session.


The Bathology Experience 730 complies with standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act to help ensure ease of access and comfort for all your members.

Hand-Selected Wood

Each wood component of the Experience 730-ADA is hand-selected by Bathology for quality and durability.

The walls, ceiling, and seating area of the environment are crafted from the highest quality, blemish-free timber wood. Only the finest cedar wood is used to ensure exceptional natural beauty, while providing ideal thermal characteristics.

Advanced LED Lighting

Elevate the spa bathing experience with the use of Bathology’s finest LED chromotherapy lighting.

Infinitely adjustable light emitted by the advanced LED fixtures illuminates the space to perfectly compliment the bather’s mood and highlighting the natural beauty of the environment. Chromotherapy colored light immerses your member bathers in vivid hues of awe-inspiring colors, further enhancing the curative effects of the sauna session.

Frameless Glass Door

A substantial tempered glass wall and frameless door forms an elegant and dramatic entrance to the environment. The full-width glass wall creates the sensation of greater spaciousness and a more luxurious appearance. Robust, high-quality hardware is engineered for a lifetime of silent and reliable operation.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • ADA-Compliant

  • Infrared Panel System

  • Chromotherapy Colored Lighting System

  • LED Strip Lighting

  • Durable Seating with Chocolate Accents

  • Frameless Glass Door with Integral Transom

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