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Bathology Experience 740

Spa Sauna Room Environment

Decades of experience from Bathology experts and artisans have led to the height of luxury and comfortable spa bathing, the Experience 740. This complete sauna environment is engineered to deliver years of beauty, durability, and flawless performance.


Cleansing Heat

Since the time of ancient Greeks and Romans, bathers have relished in the therapeutic effects of sauna. Penetrating heat envelops the bather, relieving stress, soothing aching muscles, and expelling toxins, while creating a thoroughly cathartic experience.

LED Strip Lighting

Advanced LED technology offers modest and functional valence lighting. The lighting can be dimmed to tailor the mood of the bathing experience.

Finely Crafted Wood

The Experience 740 is crafted of the highest-quality, blemish-free wood. Richly colored cedar is stunning while providing ideal thermal characteristics. All wood components are precision-cut resulting in an impeccable fit and finish.

Designed for Beauty & Comfort

Bathers will relax in ergonomically designed seating designed to create the most pleasurable bathing experience. Custom lounges are meticulously crafted of contrasting chocolate-colored and amber tones which are engineered for exceptional bather comfort.

Frameless Glass Door & Panels

Substantial tempered glass walls elegantly enclose the bathing space allowing natural light to enter the room creating a more airy, spacious ambience. A precision-cut integrated transom within the entrance door pivots to provide ventilation for additional bather comfort.

Himalayan Salt Lighting

Himalayan salt is cherished for its beauty and numerous curative properties. Bathology’s custom crafted Himalayan salt light system is visually striking and gently illuminates your room with beautifully iridescent hues.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Two-Tone Sauna Room with Chocolate Accents

  • Electric Sauna Heater System with Control

  • Sauna Lounge Chair

  • Stone Accent Wall

  • LED Strip Lighting

  • Himalayan Salt Light Fixture

  • Frameless Glass Door and Glass Panels

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer

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