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Bathology Experience 380

Club Sauna Room Environment

The ADA-compliant Experience 380 is a commercial sauna environment without compromise. With features and technology surpassing the world’s most luxurious bathing spaces, this room will turn each visit into a highly anticipated event.


Intense, Penetrating Heat

The stress and tension of day-to-day life disappear within the walls of the Experience 380. As waves of intense heat permeate the sauna, sore muscles are soothed, impurities are cleansed, and aches and pains melt away.

The environment features state-of-the-art programmable sauna heater technology, rewarding member bathers with a myriad of therapeutic benefits.

Hand-Selected Wood

The wood components in the Experience 380 are hand-selected for optimal quality and beauty.

The seating, walls, ceiling, and flooring are constructed from the highest quality cedar, which is selected for its unmatched natural beauty and its comfort in intense thermal conditions. The environment features thermally-treated contrasting chocolate-colored backrests, lounges, and ottomans.

Stone Accent Walls

Stone accent walls provide a dramatic and visually-striking contrast to the room’s wood interior. Along with its stylish design, the stone accent walls are functional, preventing the scorching of wood adjacent to the sauna heater, further ensuring the lasting beauty of your sauna space.

Elevated Seating

To take optimum advantage of the thermal conditions within the sauna, the seating is elevated to position the bather closer to the heat, resulting in a more pleasant and invigorating sauna session. The platform also allows additional bathers to sit comfortably as an extended bench, emulating a traditional sauna experience.

Advanced Safety

The Experience 380 is designed to meet ADA standards and maximize the safety and accessibility within your sauna.

Digital Audio

The power of music to enhance the atmosphere of a room is undeniable. Bathology speakers reproduce sound faithfully with exceptional clarity and dynamic range, rivalling the most advanced sound systems.

Distortion-free audio replicates the most nuanced musical passages, immersing the bather in sound and enhancing the total bathing experience.

Vibrant Colored Lighting

The use of colored lighting creates an added dimension to each sauna bathing experience, working harmoniously with other atmospheric effects.

Advanced LED chromotherapy strips create subtle, indirect lighting on the walls, ceiling, and floor, immersing the bathers in a selectable array of spectacular color. The placement of the lighting provides perfect illumination while highlighting the dramatic design of the room.

Himalayan Salt Lighting

Three sixty-inch light fixtures handcrafted from genuine Himalayan salt adorn the walls of the environment to create a beautiful iridescent glow.

Since its discovery centuries ago, Himalayan salt has been prized for its curative and therapeutic properties. Bathology’s Himalayan salt lighting fixtures personalize each bathing session with infinitely adjustable combinations of lighting brightness and color.

Ergonomically Designed Lounges

The Experience 380 includes handcrafted lounge chairs ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The chairs and bench feature elegant contrasting tones of amber and chocolate to creating a timelessly elegant focal point of the environment.

Tempered Glass Door

Providing beauty, strength, and tempered for safety, a framed ¼” tempered glass door elegantly encloses the space and showcases the environment. This ADA-compliant door is engineered to keep heat within the environment, ensuring years of optimal performance within your facility.

Experience perfection in bathing. Contact a Bathology specialist today to learn more.


  • Two-Tone Sauna Room with Chocolate Accents

  • Two Commercial Sauna Heater Systems

  • Twenty-Four Hour Club Control

  • Stone Accent Walls

  • Western Red Cedar Wood Seating, Flooring, and Ceiling

  • Ergonomically Designed Lounge Chairs

  • Strip Light Color System

  • Himalayan Salt Light Fixtures

  • Four Speakers

  • Commercial Sauna Door with Wooden Push

  • Temperature Gauge

  • Stainless Steel Sensor Guard

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