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Club Sauna Experience

Bathology Experience 350

The ADA-compliant Experience 350 delivers a spectacular multi-sensory sauna experience that bathers will eagerly anticipate with each visit to your facility.

This commercial sauna bathing system is engineered for daily use in health clubs, resorts, and hotels.

Bathology Experience 351

Each component within the Experience 351 is selected to work harmoniously, creating a peerless sauna environment and bathing experience.  

The ADA-compliant Experience 351 commercial sauna environment is the perfect addition to any health club, hotel, or resort.

Bathology Experience 360

Unmatched in design, performance, safety, and innovation, the ADA-Compliant Experience 360 sauna room will instantly become the luxurious centerpiece of your facility.

Combining multiple sensorial elements with the proven therapeutic effects of sauna, your members will look forward to each visit.

Bathology Experience 380

The ADA-Compliant Experience 380 combines a centuries-old tradition with the latest innovations to create a truly transcendent experience for your member bathers.

This commercial sauna bathing system is designed to provide years of beauty, comfort, safety, and flawless performance.

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