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Steam & Sauna Suites

Bathology Experience 530

The Experience 530 side-by-side steam room and infrared sauna sets the standard for home bathing by combining a stunning design with an array of exclusive features.

This multi-sensory suite is crafted for bathers who desire the most luxurious bathing amenities and latest technological innovations within their home.

Bathology Experience 580

The Experience 580 side-by-side steam room and sauna comes complete with every component imaginable and delivers a spectacular multi-sensory bathing experience.

With features surpassing those found in the world’s most extravagent bathing spaces, the Experience 580 will transform your quality of life forever.

Bathology Experience 590

The Experience 590 side-by-side steam shower and sauna is a masterpiece of unique features and sensations, exceeding those found in the world’s most lavish clubs and spas.

The Experience 590 combines the therapeutic effects of steam and sauna with the latest innovations to create the perfect bathing experience.

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