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Club Steam Room Experience

Bathology Experience 315

The ADA-Compliant Experience 315 health club steam room integrates a host of sensorial effects that will relax, rejuvenate, and delight bathers.

Each individual component of the environment was carefully selected to work harmoniously with the others, ensuring  years of exceptional performance and reliable daily use.         

Bathology Experience 320

Designed for daily use in health clubs, the ADA-compliant Experience 320 transforms each steam session into a spectacular, multi-sensory event.

Voluptuous waves of steam, vivid colored lighting, powerful fragrances, and other effects coalesce to create the perfect bathing experience.

Bathology Experience 330

With amenities that delight the senses and design elements eclipsing the most luxurious bathing spaces, the ADA-compliant Experience 330 is a steam shower with every feature imaginable.

Reward your member bathers with relaxing waves of steam, cascading rain showers, vibrant LED lighting, and much more.

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