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Home Sauna Experience

Bathology Experience 450

With features exceeding those found in luxury resorts and spas, the Experience 450 creates a spectacular sauna bathing experience that excites multiple senses.

The room includes advanced sauna heater technology, stone accent wall, four zones of colored lighting, Himalayan Salt lighting, and more.

Bathology Experience 451

Designed to fit into most existing bathing spaces, the Experience 451 delivers a dynamic bathing experience that will transform your daily routine forever.

The environment comes complete with an ultramodern sauna heater, stone accent wall, glass wall, vibrant colored lighting, and more.

Bathology Experience 452

With a refined design, the latest innovations, and an array of customizable sensorial effects, the Experience 452 is a home sauna environment without compromise.

The Experience 452 may be paired with the Experience 421 steam room to form a spectacular side-by-side steam room and sauna wellness system.

Bathology Experience 453

Crafted to conveniently fit existing home bathing spaces, the Experience 453 sauna room delivers a customizable multi-sensory sauna experience that you will anticipate daily.

Every element of the room has been engineered for beauty, durability, and to perform flawlessly for your  lifetime of bathing.

Bathology Experience 480

Complete with a variety of innovative features and the latest technology, the Experience 480 will instantly become the luxurious focal point of your home.

The Experience 480 represents the latest in luxury home sauna bathing and enhances its soothing and therapeutic effects.

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