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Home Steam Shower Experience

Designed to conveniently fit within an existing shower space, the Experience 410 delivers an infinitely customizable steam bathing experience.

Tailor your bathing session with cascading mists, soothing rains, colored lighting, aromatherapy, and much more.

Bathology Experience 415

​The Experience 415 seamlessly integrates a customizable array of sensorial effects to create the ultimate home bathing experience.

Showcasing the latest technology and innovations, the Experience 415 transforms each steam session into a highly anticipated event.

Built to fit within most existing shower spaces, the Experience 420 offers a transcendent bathing experience that excites multiple senses.

Thick waves of steam, relaxing rain showers, vibrant colored lighting, digital audio, and other elements can be tailored to create a relaxing spa-like getaway.

With features eclipsing those found in the world’s most luxurious bathing spaces, the Experience 421 is a home steam shower without compromise.

The Experience 421 may be paired with the Experience 452 sauna environment to create a spectacular side-by-side steam and sauna home wellness system.

The Experience 440 comes complete with every component imaginable to create the ultimate multi-sensory home steam bath environment.

With a cascading waterfall, voluptuous waves of steam, vivid colored lighting, and more, this room delivers an immersive bathing experience that you will eagerly anticipate.

Designed to fit into most existing shower spaces, the Experience 441 delivers a dynamic bathing experience that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

The Experience 441 combines elegant design with a host of innovative features to create an unparalleled steam room environment.

The Experience 442 blends the restorative effects of steam bathing with an array of exclusive features to deliver the ultimate home bathing experience.

This room comes complete with two linear steam heads, contemporary tub fill, rain shower sprays, starlight system, television, and more. 

The Experience 443 offers a stunning combination of features with the latest technology that will transform your daily bath into a spectacular multi-sensorial experience.

The room includes customizable shower sprays, comforting waves of steam, vivid colored lighting, state-of-the-art aroma system, and much more.

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